Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I don't think all bloggers are self-obsessed

So, in my first post, when discussing why I'd always been "no way!" about having a blog before, I said that a blog was a platform for the self-obsessed. In a comment, I said that not all bloggers are that way. So I thought I'd post here that I don't think that way about all bloggers, in case people don't take the time to read the comments. Not all bloggers are compliment-fishers. I don't want to turn people away because they think that I think they are narcissistic. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter etc... they're all similar. They're all a place for people to talk about themselves. I've been on Facebook for a couple years, and I now have a blog that I want people to read. So see, I'm a little self-obsessed too.

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